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A positive pregnancy test result can be scary, but before you panic, it’s important to get an ultrasound to confirm that you have a viable pregnancy. Our center performs free ultrasounds, which identifies a variety of factors regarding your pregnancy.


Why Do I Need An Ultrasound?

Having an ultrasound is the most important next step you can take if you have a positive pregnancy test. An ultrasound is a simple and painless procedure that uses sound waves transmitted into your belly to get a picture of your pregnancy. An ultrasound is important to verify your pregnancy and to determine if the fetus is located in the uterus.

Pregnancies that develop outside of the uterus can be dangerous and are called ectopic pregnancies.  An ultrasound will confirm the location of the pregnancy in your body.

Ultrasounds are completely safe and are performed by our trained staff nurses. The results of your ultrasound are kept confidential and we will discuss our findings with you immediately.

pregnant woman getting an ultrasound

Do I have an ectopic pregnancy?

An ultrasound will determine if your pregnancy is safe. If the fertilized egg is in the fallopian tubes (meaning it is an ectopic pregnancy) you will need to seek emergency medical attention. If you exhibit signs of an ectopic pregnancy, you will be referred for immediate medical attention

looking at an ultrasound image

How far along am I?

If you’re wondering when you might have gotten pregnant or can’t remember when your last period was, an ultrasound will give you an accurate measurement of the age of your pregnancy. If you are considering abortion, it is important to know how many weeks pregnant you are. This will determine what abortion methods are available to you.

ultrasound pictures

What Do Ultrasounds Do?

Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to identify a growing fetus. An ultrasound can show us how far along you are, detect a fetal heartbeat, and determine if the pregnancy is in the uterus.


Tested positive?
Get a free ultrasound.

If you’ve received positive results on a pregnancy test, your next step is to get a free ultrasound at Chester County Women’s Services. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will administer the ultrasound, verify your pregnancy, and discuss your options with you. We are here for you.

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