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Are You Considering Adoption?

If you are considering adoption, it’s understandable that you might have questions about the process. While we are not an adoption agency, we can help you explore the options available to you and the type of family you want your child to have. Some of the different types of adoption plans include open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. When the expectant mom makes an adoption plan, she (and the birth father) can both choose a family for the child and choose their own future.

Option 1

Open Adoptions

Open adoption can take many forms, but it allows you to still be present to some degree in your child’s life. It can give you the opportunity to have phone calls, send letters or emails, and even spend physical time with your child.

Option 2

Closed Adoptions

You may consider a closed adoption if you don’t want future contact with your child. This option does not disclose information about the birth parents for the children or adoptive family. Once the adoption is finalized, there is no future communication between birth parents and adoptive parents or children.

Option 3

Semi-Open Adoptions

In this adoption plan, you will set boundaries somewhere in the middle of open and closed adoption. The details are worked out with your adoption agent.

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