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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not require proof of insurance for medical services or other support services at Chester County Connect Care. Learn more about our free services and how we can help.

The abortion pill can be taken up to 10-11 weeks after a woman's last known menstrual period. It is not an option with certain medical conditions or an ectopic pregnancy.

We provide comprehensive support, education, and classes on healthy relationships, sexual health, parenting, pregnancy, reproductive loss, job skills training, and more.

It is important for you to know how far along you are, if the pregnancy is viable, and whether or not you have a sexually transmitted infection. Learn more about abortion methods.

We respect our patients' confidentially to the full extent of the law. If you are a minor, you do not have to have a parent present at your appointment. You matter. Your privacy matters.

If you are experiencing early pregnancy signs like a missed or late period, morning sickness, nausea, tender breasts, fatigue, food aversions, contact us for a free lab-grade pregnancy test.

An ultrasound is the only way to 100% confirm pregnancy and viability and learn exactly how far along you are. No matter what you decide, the first step is a free ultrasound at CCWS.

“Abortion pill” is the common name for using two different medicines to end a pregnancy: mifepristone and misoprostol. During a medication abortion (or “chemical abortion”), the first pill is usually given at the clinic and the next pill is taken at home 8-48 hours later.

It is usually taken between 4-6 weeks, but it is FDA-approved up to 10-11 weeks after a woman's last menstrual period (LMP).

If you are considering a medication abortion or ordering the abortion pill online, contact us to learn more about how it works, side effects, and what options are available to you in Pennsylvania.

  • For people who are 8 weeks pregnant or less, it works about 94-98 out of 100 times.
  • For people who are 8-9 weeks pregnant, it works about 94-96 out of 100 times.
  • For people who are 9-10 weeks pregnant, it works about 91-93 out of 100 times. If you're given an extra dose of medicine, it works about 99 out of 100 times.
  • For people who are 10-11 weeks pregnant, it works about 87 out of 100 times.

Some women decide they want to continue their pregnancy after taking the first pill. The process of the abortion pill can be reversed if action is taken immediately after the first medication. Contact the Abortion Pill Reversal Network to learn more about abortion pill reversal or call us to learn what your options are in the case of a failed abortion. 

RU-486 is the former name of the first pill in the abortion process, mifepristone. RU-486 is now called "the abortion pill" or "Mifeprex" (the brand name for mifepristone).

*Please note that Chester County Connect Care does not provide abortions but we will take the time to review all your questions and to offer you a free second visit ultrasound to help you with your decision. Our support doesn’t end there. We’re here for you, no matter what!

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