Can I Place My Baby for Adoption Even if the Birth Father Disagrees?

Can I Place My Baby for Adoption Even if the Birth Father Disagrees?

Are you considering adoption as an option for an unexpected pregnancy? Adoption can be a challenging yet rewarding journey that gives both you and your child hope and a future.

Whether you’ve already decided or are still considering your options, you likely have unanswered questions.

Does My Partner Have a Say in the Adoption Process?

One of the beneficial changes in the adoption process in recent years has been to empower the birth mother, giving her the right to choose what type of adoption and contact she has with her child and the adoptive family.

These changes also mean that you have the final say in whether you place your baby for adoption, but some steps are required regarding the birth father.

While the steps can vary depending on which state you live in, it’s usually common for the law to require that the birth father is at least notified that you are choosing to adopt. If the father disagrees with your decision and wants to parent the child, there are several legal challenges he has to overcome before that can even be considered.

Adoption Laws in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, the law does require that the father sign paperwork agreeing to the decision to place your baby for adoption. 

The good news is the adoption agency can handle these details and advocate on your behalf if the father disagrees with your decision, if you are not in contact with the father, or have a complicated relationship. 

Pennsylvania’s adoption laws also let you choose the type of adoption and have several measures in place to protect you. 

For example, the state requires a 72-hour waiting period after the baby is born, giving you time to recover from the birth before you are required to finalize the adoption. Sometimes, you may also have 30 days after the finalization to change your mind.

Get the Help and Answers You Need

Chester County Connect Care is here to help. Our team can provide valuable information about your pregnancy, including a pregnancy test and ultrasound scan, and connect you with trusted adoption organizations.

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Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy and considering adoption is a big decision for your life and future, and you deserve to have all the details you need to make the best choice for yourself.

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