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Can I Buy the Abortion Pill Online? 

The abortion pill is widely distributed across the globe. The abortion pill drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, can be found online. 

However, the FDA tells consumers NOT to order the abortion pill online (Mifeprex or its generic version) because that will bypass safeguards designed to protect patients’ health. 

Mifeprex is heavily regulated by the FDA and has special safety restrictions on how it is distributed by the public. 

Telehealth vs. Buying Online

There’s a clear difference between telehealth vs. buying the abortion pill online. Telehealth is when you schedule an appointment with a licensed health care provider and have a virtual visit. This can lead to a prescription. 

While abortion telehealth is legal in Pennsylvania, it is prohibited in certain states. 

Buying online could mean purchasing the pills without ever speaking to a physician. This is dangerous, as unprescribed drugs are not regulated by the FDA. 

There’s no way to verify if the drug type you receive in the mail is the correct one, or if it contains the right dosage for your body.

Beware of Suspicious Pharmacies

The FDA warns consumers not to order the abortion pill online to prevent bypassing health safeguards. 

In addition to buying the incorrect pills or dosages, there’s also a chance suspicious online pharmacies will steal your information. This can include any personal or credit card details. 

Take Necessary Safety Steps 

When considering the abortion pill, there are certain questions you should get answers to before proceeding:

  1. Are there any health conditions that could impact the effectiveness of abortion pill, such as a bleeding disorder or an IUD currently in place?
  2. How far along am I?
  3. Is my pregnancy ectopic or located inside the uterus?
  4. Is my pregnancy progressing or have I miscarried?
  5. Do I currently have an STD?

To answer these questions and protect your health, it’s critical to speak to a licensed medical professional, receive an ultrasound scan, and have STD testing and treatment. Taking these steps will help protect your reproductive health.

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