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Can I Be Pregnant and Not Know It?

Whether you never miss your birth control pill or always use protection, no method is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy. While many women experience clear pregnancy symptoms, other symptoms may not be as obvious.  Continue reading to learn more about symptoms to be aware of and what to do if you suspect you could be …

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woman curious if STDs are contagious

Are STDs Contagious?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections or diseases spread by sexual contact. Unlike illnesses like the flu, you cannot catch them by breathing the same air or touching an unclean surface. STDs are caused by bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. They usually pass from person to person through blood, semen, or bodily fluids.  Common Ways …

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Is Adoption Giving My Baby Away?

Is Adoption Giving My Baby Away?

Placing your unborn child for adoption is not simply “giving your baby away” but is an incredibly loving decision. You are selflessly choosing to give your baby the best life you think is possible.  As the birth mother, you not only can choose the family that adopts your child but also decide how involved you …

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Is abortion recovery difficult?

Is Abortion Recovery Difficult?

If you recently found out you are pregnant and are considering abortion, you may be wondering what is involved in the recovery after abortion. Just like any other medical procedure, abortion has known side effects that you may experience.  In addition to the side effects of abortion, there are signs you should be aware of …

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How to recover from a surgical abortion

How to Recover From a Surgical Abortion

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, surgical abortion is an option. This procedure is typically performed later in a woman’s pregnancy. It uses medication, surgical instruments, and suctioning to remove pregnancy tissue from the uterus. Physical recovery from a surgical abortion depends on your pain tolerance and any side effects or risks you may have. …

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